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From here you can learn all about our company and our unique antioxidant coffee, buy the coffee, or find one of our locations. Simply click on one of the above links to navigate the site.

Coffee Beans...
   Made with a groundbreaking process, The Healthy Bean™ truly is the world's first     healthy coffee. The Healthy Bean™ coffee enhances the antioxidants already found      in coffee, many of which are lost during roasting. In a patented process, this organic and Fair-Trade certified coffee is infused with antioxidant compounds from the acai berry, pomegranate, blueberry, and green tea to create a truly revolutionary beverage. The Healthy Bean™’s antioxidants are sourced from the highest quality laboratories in the nutraceutical industry. Read more about the state-of-the-art process here.

Whole Foods
The Healthy Bean™ is now being carried as a local grocery item in
select Whole Foods Markets® in Southern California and will be branching to as many stores as possible as quickly as possible.
Currently, you can find us on display at the Jamboree (Tustin)
and Long Beach locations. Either visit our website frequently for updates on new featured stores, or check your local Whole foods®
for us in the coffee section!

Kaiser Permanente
The Healthy Bean™  has partnered with Kaiser Permanente Medical   Centers to bring you a double serving of well-being. Over the next    few weeks The Healthy Bean™ will be  invading Orange County,  opening kiosks at the Anaheim (441 N. Lakeview) and Irvine (6670 Alton Pkwy.) locations. In addition to excellent coffee we'll be offering  a  menu  of   sandwiches,  soups and salads  in  accordance  with Kaiser's nutritional standards. Yep - that means it will healthy and delicious just like the coffee. The menu will be posted here on The Healthy Bean™ website once the kiosks are up and running. Contact us for more information.


How healthy is your coffee?™